Learning To Love Me

Good Afternoon Universe. I'm finally in a place in my life where I Love Me. I used to look in the mirror and cry because like many other women I had lost myself. It can be difficult trying to balance life so sometimes we lose a sense of who we are in the process. As women we tend to provide for our children, significant other, job and/or family among other things before us. It's important to take time out to care for yourself. Once I realized this it changed my life. First, I started by making realistic goals to help me get back to Loving ME. For me, it was physical and mental health. Then, I started planning out my days. Finding time in my schedule to workout. This helped with time management also, knowing when's the best time for you to do whatever is needed to complete your goals. Next, I had to change my thinking and eating habits. I found a few things I could do to better myself and put my routine together. Finally, I started out on my journey and stayed focused on my everyday routine. Not only did I start seeing results after a couple of weeks when I looked in the mirror, but I also started feeling better mentally. Now I'm happier, more positive, confident, more active and coping with stress better. I'm Loving Me again and it feels great! I felt the need to share my story hoping to help someone else. Remember you're not alone and your stronger than you think.

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